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More SUMMER LEAGUE INFO for incoming 4th grade boys

By Cedarburg Basketball Club, 04/02/19, 11:15AM CDT


FAQ's and More Details

The Cedarburg Basketball Club Summer League has been in existence for many years serving basketball club teams throughout the area for 5th-8th grades. We are trying something new this year for incoming 4th graders on Wednesday nights called Open Gym League. Instead of a traditional 5v5 team game, the OGL will use a 3v3v3v3 format with four teams on the same court at the same time. Yes, that's correct... 4 teams, all on the same court, playing four 10-minute, fast-paced quarters. We are now opening this league for incoming 4th graders!

Our club believes in fundamentals and has an emphasis on player development. We want to give an opportunity to younger kids to form a team of their own. The OGL concept provides that development, more playing time, and more "touches" on the ball (compared to traditional 5v5 play). The OGL has also developed very innovative technology to engage everyone in the gym (and even outside the gym) in our games. Scoring, player stat tracking, game goals are some examples. Can't picture it? Take a look at the OGL website, review their approach, their technology, and how they differentiate themselves at

Our Summer League runs the weeks of JUNE 10, JUNE 17, JUNE 24, JULY 8, JULY 15 ranging from time slots between 5:30-8:30 at the CHS Field House. Games will have certified referees and concessions will be available. The CBC/OGL League will cost $115 per PLAYER. The cost of $115 per athlete gives you: A 5 week, 10 Game Season 2 OGL Game Jerseys (to keep) Access to all the OGL technology Access to player stats and stat tracking.

This Summer League is going to be epic! Don't miss the chance to form a team and sign up. It will fill up fast! Please pass this information to other incoming 4th grade boys that might be interested.

To register your team, visit



Do we form teams, or can I just sign my son up for the league?
The best approach is to form teams of 4 or 5 players. If you cannot find other kids, please send us your name (and your sons) to and we will share with other parents looking to form a team.

Do we need a coach?
We do need a parent to sign the team up, and hopefully be in attendance to watch the game and encourage, but no coach is necessary. The 4th grade division will begin each session with some basic game development, followed by a slightly shorter game. We will have court managers on each court, plus a referee, to help guide the kids in the game.

Do we need our own Jerseys?
The OGL and CBC will be providing jerseys to each player that signs up. And they are yours to keep!

Do we need to be part of the CBC?
No. Any incoming 4th grade boy is eligible to play. This summer development session is great prep for CBC tryouts that will occur in September.

Are there tryouts?
No. Any incoming 4th grade boy is eligible to play. This summer development session is great prep for CBC tryouts that will occur in September.

Do we need to live in Cedarburg?
No. We are recruiting kids interested in basketball from all over the area. Anyone can play!

How many kids are on a team?
There are 4 or 5 players per team.

Can my daughter sign up?
We do not offer a girls division this year, but could in the future.  For 2019, we are experimenting with a few new ideas.  One is the new OGL format, and another is adding new, younger divisions.  We are attempting to gather data and improve broadly.  Please let us know if you think a girls division would be valuable!

If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact Jason Montague, CBC Boys Player Development.