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Frequently Asked Questions

By CBC, 10/02/16, 3:45PM CDT



When does the season start and how long does the season last?

The season begins in October and goes through the beginning of March. Players also have the opportunity to play in a summer league program (at Cedarburg High School) that runs for 5-6 weeks one evening per week.

When are practices and games?

Practices will begin in October. While one of our biggest challenges is securing gym space and times, our goal is to have practices at least twice per week during the primary season (may be less over the holidays). Since we don’t own a practice facility and have to reserve space at other facilities, we are not in full control of saying when we can practice. We are doing everything possible to assure a consistent practice schedule. As for games, 3rd through 8th graders play in a basketball league with games throughout the metro-Milwaukee area, as well as in tournaments throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. We expect our 3rd & 4th graders will play in a lesser amount of tournaments, to keep their schedule less rigorous.

What is the level of commitment required for Cedarburg Basketball Club?

We understand that young athletes have a lot of choices for sports. And we believe that playing various sports can lead to a more well-rounded athlete. The CBC is a select program, and it is important that we have a high-level of commitment from both the parents and players to make sure their young athletes are present. If you choose to participate in the club, please understand that we expect CBC to be your first choice for sports activity during the winter basketball season (October - March). We do not frown upon playing other sports or leagues, however we ask that your child chooses CBC over other sports when there is a conflict. 

Do you expect the same level of commitment for Summer League?

We are proud to annually host a Summer League to surrounding communities at the high school. And, we are happy to offer additional playing time for all participants in the CBC winter league by including Summer League with your enrollment cost. We know basketball is not “in season” during the summer months. Between other sports, family vacations, camps and other commitments - we know it can be challenging to try to be at all of the Summer League games and practices leading up to it. We don’t expect the same high-level of commitment in the summer from your young athlete, but we ask for as much communication as possible with the coaches so they can plan their games and practices accordingly.

What if my child plays for his/her school team?

If your child plays basketball for a school team during the season, it is acceptable for his/her school team to take precedence when necessary.  We just ask you communicate your schedule as soon as possible with your coaches.

Does my child have to plan on attending Cedarburg High School to play in the CBC?

We have a passion for elevating each athlete’s growth, both as people and as basketball players, and our vision is to expand opportunities to more young basketball players in the community. Our program complements the Cedarburg High School philosophy and provides a competitive environment to develop their skills. This program is open to ALL young athletes that live in Cedarburg or attend a Cedarburg school. We understand you may live outside the school district, or choose to send your child to a private high school in the future. However, if your child is in 7th or 8th grade, your child must plan to attend CHS. Our program is a major contributor to the high school program, and therefore we ask that if you know your child is attending a school other than CHS that you would find an opportunity related to that particular program. If you are unsure, your child is more than welcome to participate.

How many teams will there be?

As much as we would like to expand this opportunity to every young basketball player in the community, as a select program, we do have to limit the number of kids in the program. We are committed to give as many opportunities as possible. Our goal is to have 2 teams at each grade level.

How are the tryouts conducted and who makes the final decision on teams?

Tryouts include a number of drills that allow us to evaluate a player’s basketball skills, hustle and mental focus. These drills are determined and developed in conjunction with the Varsity Girls and Boys coaches from Cedarburg High School. We ask a panel of non-parent evaluators to assess the players’ skills during tryouts; these evaluators are well-respected basketball experts from throughout the area. We make final team decisions based on a player’s basketball skills (both current skills and what we see as potential), hustle, teamwork, and mental focus for basketball. 

How much will it cost?

Our goal to have player’s fees be as valuable as possible. Our fees cover practice facility costs, entry fees for leagues and tournaments and participation in the Summer League.

Player fee (5th - 8th grade):  $375

Player fee (4th grade):  $300

Player fee (3rd grade):  $225

Uniforms or any needed apparel is additional (uniform, shooting shirt, backpack, socks, practice jersey, ball, etc.)

2nd grade Academy $100 (includes basketball and T-shirt)
Program details coming soon. This is a Saturday clinic starting in the winter, focused on fundamentals.

Last updated: 7/25/2022