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Summer Shot Club Details

By Amy Miller, 03/19/21, 8:00AM CDT


Become a HOT SHOT this summer and join our shot club!

The shot club is a shooting program that is designed to get boys and girls to become better shooters. Shoot and MAKE a certain number of shots between June 1 – August 31, 2021 and win special rewards and recognition!

Keep working on your basketball skills over the summer! Great shooters are made in the off-season. Make it your goal to be a “hot shot”! Parents, this is a great way to get involved with your kids’ basketball skill development. We encourage you to get out there and shoot or rebound along with them to really make it fun!

Count the shots you make every time you shoot. The shot goals for the number of shots made for each age group are as follows (grades are determined by the upcoming 2021-2022 school year):

• 5th & 6th grade:  4,000 shots

• 7th & 8th grade:  5,000 shots

• All grades:  Make 10,000 shots for an extra special prize!

Each shooter should aim to complete 33% of their overall summer total each month in June, July and August. We want to see them practice consistently. Participants meeting their goal will receive a “Hot Shot” T-shirt and special recognition on our website.

Additional Shot Club Team Competition: 
Each team from the 2020-2021 season will be competing collectively against each other team to earn an end of summer team dinner from Romano's Pizza. The team that meets the eligibility requirements, with the most number of points at the end of the summer wins.

Team Competition Rules:
  • Must have 50% or more player participation for your team to be eligible (example: 10 players on team, 5 need to be participating)
  • Each eligible team will have a bonus added to their summer end total based on their grade level to help even the playing field
          - 8th grade: 0 points added
          - 7th grade: 2,000 points added
          - 6th grade: 5,000 points added
          - 5th grade: 8,000 points added

Reach out to your teammates and shoot, shoot, and shoot some more – with GOOD form. Shooting all layups does not count.  Vary your shots for game type situations and shoot a lot of free throws (at least 15% of your made shots should be free throws). Work on baseline shots, 3-pointers, power moves, mix it up! Count how many shots you make. Be sure to keep your parents and teammates in the loop on how many you’ve made each day! Track your shots made, and have a parent enter the data on our SHOT CLUB APP.


Below is a "how to" guide to use the app. NOTE: To make this appear like an "app" on your smartphone, simply add it to your home screen, or bookmark this page on your web browser.

Not technically savvy? Submit total number of shots for your player to by September 1st.